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Credit manager’s club – for Your development

KVK The main aim of credit manager's club (KVK) is to provide all necessary and latest information for specialists which are responsible for credit risk management in the companies and stimulate communication and share of knowledge and experience between its members.

Members of credit manager's club are employees of different companies in Lithuania which are working with the credit risk management, asses are their partners or customers able to pay on time, determine conditions for giving a credit, control payments and recover debts.

Credit manager's club was established in year 2005. Today meetings take place every two-three months.
Every meeting has the main and relevant topic and competent speakers. It is not always consultants of credit management companies or representatives of government institutions but even specialists with practise in their work – constantly members from credit manager's club. Meeting includes breaks for unformal communication with coffee or wine.

Topics already discussed in the meetings:

  • Negotiations with the debtor using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques
  • Successful management of payments
  • Data of the SODRA (State Social Insurance fund board of the republic of Lithuania)
  • Enemies in the same company where credit manager works
  • How to talk more effectively with the debtor by telephone to get Your money back
  • Cr rating and credit limit of the company. Peculiarities and differences
  • Credit information and debt collection in central europe: Where, How and What is the price?
  • VAT activity in order to improve business conditions in Lithuania
  • Credit information and debt collection in eastern europe: Where, How and What is the price?
  • Differences evaluating creditworthiness of companies in the period of economic crisis
  • Risk assesment of the clients for giving goods in advance
  • and many other topics.
    • Activity of Central Mortgage Office in Lithuania and its influence on creditworthiness
    • Peculiarities and practice of estate recovery from private company and its owner
    • Recovery of debt in the court (legal process)
    • Cr rating – tool to asses creditworthiness of the companies
    • Use of credit information in the companies
    • Variety of forms and schemes of promts for clients to pay on time – experience from practice
    • Using personal data for business purpose: regulations and practice
    • Register of legal persons
    • Bailiffs practice
    • Aspects and declaration of debts‘ hopelessness
    • Evidence of debts as hopelessness
    • Evaluation of credit risk for giving goods in advance
    • Credit Insurance - instrument to protect credits
    • Insolvencies in Europe
    • Factors which affects productivity in credit managers work: job title, dependence and responsibility in corporate hierarchy
    • Psychology of debtors

Participate in the KVK activity

After Your request, You will get the invitation with listed topics and agenda for the next Credit managers meeting.
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