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  • For marketing
  • Target clients selections
  • Contact, registration, creditworthiness and risk information supply
  • Renewal of clients portfolio data
  • We select companies in Lithuania and abroad according to Your chosen criteria and provide the lists including the data which is relevant for you. Effective tool to work by yourself - where according to Your criteria You can select companies which are operating in Baltic States.
  • We provide the relevant data (e.g., accurate contacts, director, turnover, number of employees, courts and etc.) for each company in the list. You can send a list of companies‘ codes or we can select the companies according to Your chosen criteria.
  • According to companies codes provided in the list we renew contact, registration, creditworthiness, risk information and etc.
  • For credit risk assessment
  • Companies self-analysis
  • Companies rating, credit limits, risk analysis
  • Early alarms: companies‘ state monitoring
  • In we provide all information about Lithuanian companies: from registration data to users comments.
  • Directly in we rank companies and the risk of insolvency is displayed in "traffic light" colours (green/yellow/red) in order to enable quick credit decisions. Probability of insolvency is calculated for the period of 12 months.

    According to provided list of companies we determine the credit limits available for particular companies or approve/reject Your provided limits in the list of companies.

    We prepare full credit reports about the companies in Lithuania and abroad including latest information about the company, a credit analyst’s opinion and a recommended credit limit.
  • With monitoring service (daily e-mailing) you can watch single customers or complete customer portfolios in order to notice changes in the financial or corporate structure of your business partners as early as possible.
  • For debts management
  • Debts portfolio assessment
  • Reminders, pre-judicial and judicial collection
  • Debts purchase
  • We evaluate an opportunity to recover the debt (-s) from Lithuanian and foreign companies.
  • We propose to send reminders to Your debtors by post, registered mail or e-mail.

    In you can find the delays of various creditors. Publish information about Your clients which are late to pay!

    We specialize in debt collection from Lithuanian and foreign companies.
  • Under separate agreements we purchase the debts.
Today (2021-03-03) in database:
  • Companies (in total) - 458281
  • Operating companies - 234149
  • Companies registered this year - 2757
  • Companies, registered as VAT payers - 72059
  • Websites in total - 161339
  • Total CR ratings counted - 239547
  • Companies, which have mortgages or asset arrests - 63662

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